More than Transportation Software: Steps on Improving Seniors’ Lives

Senior Centers provide a rich and engaging experience with many benefits for those who use them. We help better make that happen. Here are five reasons you should consider a senior center for yourself or those you love.

More than Transportation Software: Steps on Improving Seniors’ LivesSocial experience

Social support can be important in reducing stress and increasing physical health.  Being around people will keep your mind and body active. Plus, you will have the chance to make new friends.

Active experience

Being active is a very important aspect to have a quality of life. By going to your senior center you can participate in the various activities that are offered. Activity enhances your social awareness and reduces your cognitive decline. Be active!!

Nutritional meals

Another great reason to go to a senior center is to get a nutritional meal. Nutritional meals help seniors to get all of the necessary nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids for inflammation and calcium to preserve bone health.


Some seniors will not leave their home because they no longer feel safe driving a vehicle. The great news is most senior centers have the ability to provide this service for you. They will have their own vehicles or will work with other transportation providers to pick you up at your home and bring you to the center to participate in activities or have a nutritious meal. With the use of transportation software, these providers can even deliver better and more efficient services to seniors.

It’s free!!

Most seniors have a limited income and cannot afford to socialize and be active. The best part of going to a senior center is that many activities are free. You can spend your entire day using transportation, having a meal, playing games, and meeting new people.

We encourage you to go to your local senior center and see for yourself all of the greats things that are available for you!

How We Support Senior Centers to Make Them Even Better

Operating and coordinating the activities to provide these great benefits takes hard work, love and attention to detail. Fortunately, our innovative software (SeniorStat) was custom designed specifically to address all the challenges of senior center management. Watch our brief Video : SeniorStat