Are you a private or public transit service? Looking for intelligent transportation systems companies that can eliminate the hassles of old and outdated transportation technology?

MJM Innovations can develop an intelligent transportation system that allows you to save time and money while making life easier for your clients. MJM provides transportation routing and scheduling software and management solutions custom-tailored to the needs of transit organizations, transportation programs and companies across the United States.

MJM’s intelligent transportation systems can quickly and easily solve all of your organization’s transportation management and service concerns.

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Meet the challenges of shrinking budgets, rising costs and strict reporting requirements with MJM’s management and technology services for paratransit transportation programs, senior programs, medicaid transportation programs, corporate transportation programs, and limousine & taxi fleets.

With accurate, real time tracking, you can quickly balance capacity needs and use resources more effectively than you ever thought possible. Integrate taxicabs and sedans into your transportation program for added flexibility and savings – without cumbersome vouchers or administrative headaches.

Reduce the potential for error, misuse or fraud with paperless transit fare collection and accounting. A single system can seamlessly collect data and report on it in the formats that regulators require.

With MJM’s management services and technology solutions, you can:

  • Electronically track and capture fare and trip information
  • Remove vouchers, coupons, scrip and tokens from the equation while minimizing opportunities for fraud or abuse
  • Reduce fare collection to a simple card swipe and eliminate cash from the transaction
  • Securely manage program information online
  • Increase and balance trip capacity, decrease trip costs and improve on-time performance with access to real time information
  • Trip data is readily available for review and auditing
  • Provide on-demand service without pre-scheduling trips

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By saving you time and money, we give you the flexibility and resources you need for personalized rider service.

Whether you operate a taxi fleet, sedans, passenger vans, or buses, MJM can save you money and improve service. We manage programs and assist transportation providers throughout the United States. With inexpensive stored-value card technology, transactions and payments can be managed electronically.

All your data can be at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime, through our secure web interface. Fare collection becomes a simple card-swipe, freeing your employees for safer vehicle operation and more personalized customer care. Best of all, access to real time, accurate information can help you make better, more profitable decisions.

Unlike other intelligent transportation systems companies, we offer more than just paratransit software. We provide a complete, worry-free transportation management solution that lowers costs while increasing rider satisfaction and participation.

With MJM managing your transportation program, you can:

  • Save money by reducing paperwork
  • Provide each rider with a personalized and branded card
  • Eliminate the need for paper vouchers, coupons, tokens and cash
  • Electronically capture and track trips and critical information
  • Deliver better service (non-cash transactions offer convenience and security for riders and operators)
  • Make use of comprehensive outsourced transportation management services
  • Implement technologies that are right for you
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Gain more control of your business, with quick detection of fraud and misuse
  • Find solutions that will grow as you do

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You take seriously your agency’s mandate to remove transportation barriers. Yet you are frustrated by paper based and manual transportation programs that are difficult-to-manage, wasteful, and easy-to-abuse.

With over fifteen years of experience managing senior and paratransit transportation and aging programs with card solutions and cutting edge technology, our transportation management services can help you integrate and expand taxis and other transportation options into your program.

With MJM’s intelligent transportation systems management and technology, you can:

  • Save money by eliminating wasteful vouchers and coupons
  • Electronically capture crucial reporting data
  • Give your clients choice and flexibility in their travel arrangements
  • Continually improve your program with real time information
  • Safeguard your program against waste, fraud, and abuse


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