Senior and Paratransit Transportation Solutions


Looking for a proven solution for aging or transportation software management?

MJM is a technology and management company with over a decade of experience reducing costs and improving operations through software management services.

We know how to manage transportation and aging services programs and we understand how they work, the daily challenges, and how the right technologies can make them work better. Partner with us to discover proven management practices that will bring net savings and enhanced client service.

Read on to learn how MJM’s aging and transportation software management solutions can streamline your organization or agency’s operations and save you money. We even provide paratransit software solutions to improve the services to people with disabilities.

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MJM’s outsourced transportation and aging program management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Superior reporting and auditing tools
  • Card solutions and Web-based technologies
  • Billing and Reconciliation
  • Auditing services
  • Vendor payments
  • Receiving payments and applying subsidies
  • Project management
  • Maintaining financial records and account balances


MJM can provide a complete solution for all your IT and software management challenges. Whether you’re looking for non-profit IT consulting or IT management for public transportation, we can provide an IT system that saves money and boosts the efficiency of your daily operations.

We can help you with data bridges, data management, account set-up and maintenance (for participants and third party vendors), implementation of card and Web-based technologies, hosting and warehousing of data, and development of innovative frameworks that help separate organizations work together.




MJM offers a solution for all your transportation management needs. Whether you’re a government public transportation program, a non-profit transit service, or a for-profit transportation company, MJM can provide a management system that will help your service thrive.

Whether you need transportation management software, or a more streamlined management of your public transport system, MJM’s software and management consultants can cut costs while boosting efficiency and revenues.

Our wide range of transportation management software services include project management, billing and reconciliation, auditing, provider management, receiving payments, training , hardware and software consultation, and compliance monitoring.




MJM’s aging software management can help you achieve the outcomes you want for your senior center. Whether you are a senior center, a senior living facility or retirement home, our community center software management can help you streamline your operations and reporting. Our case management specialists can administer a full range of nutrition and aging services programs for government and senior transportation centers.

Some of our services include:

  • Site and Nutrition Management – We can help custom-tailor elder care, nursing home, and senior center software services for your clients through robust care management software systems.
  • Tracking Units of Service – Let us manage your senior center participant tracking to provide instant, accurate reporting for your organization and its funders.
  • Social Programming – Discover an easier way to manage your seniors’ activities with our aging software scheduling systems management.
  • Donation Tracking – With MJM’s aging software management solutions, we can track every dollar you receive from funders to help you achieve the outcomes you want for your non-profit senior center or elder care facility.

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